Get much more from your storage infrastructure.

At Infinity Storage we are pioneer in software-defined storage solution for data storage virtualization and data archiving.


We provide a unique combination of software solutions that can guarantee a comprehensive data strategy to help you manage, protect, archive and monetize your organization's valuable data.

Infinity Storage helps enterprise manage the explosion of data growth while maintaining the storage performance, capacity and availability to meet the most challenging enterprise storage requirements without lock your company through high-cost proprietary products.

Our innovative software-defined storage solutions bring the power of virtualization to enterprise data storage by separating the software intelligence from the storage. Our solutions enable companies to purchase storage from any vendor without having to worry about problems such as interoperability, integration and management.

At Infinity Storage we enables companies to provide a powerful, easily managed, cost-effective way to access, retain and protect business data over its entire lifecycle. We add new features that transform your storage legacy infrastructure to achieve today and tomorrow's goals.

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